Results-driven advanced e-commerce solutions from experienced specialists to empower your growth. Building your success on leading marketplaces step by step with professional ecommerce consulting, inventory management and omni-channel solutions. Up-to-date marketing and product research to open new ways in capitalizing your business opportunities.

What we offer


NY IT Solutions provide ecommerce consulting services for small and mnedium-sized business units. We deeply analyse the niche you're performing in to develop business proposition that complies with your stratigic goals. NY IT Solutions' experienced consultants will certainly find unique ways to market your brand, increase profit and optimize workflow.

Multichannel integration

A custom-delivered solution for a full store inventory control from one dashboard. Manage all your channels and analyze sales effectively. With our agency multichannel integration process has never ben so easy: sync and list inventoyry on multiple channels, ship multichannel orders, get indights reports. We are working so you can run your business smoothly.

Amazon account management
Ecommerce consultant developing multi channel integration strategy for a store

Marketplace Management

NY IT Solutions will take care of your inventory maintenance across leading marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Sears, Groupon etc. Our experienced inventory control managers have detailed knowledge of each marketplace for prompt and qualitative product posting.

Keep your product information up-to-date across all channels at no time. Our team will ensure your newly posted product data are spreading among all sales channels to increase your profitability. Boost your operational efficiency through effortless management of complex product data with NY IT Solutions.


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