At NY IT Solutions we connect technical dots required to manage and analyze your back-office processes discovering ways of process optimization to drive continuous improvement of your business.

What we offer


Making immediate rational business decisions is imperative to adopt to the changing economic climate. NY IT Solutions bpm consultunts help you to understand ongoing process within your business from end to end.

Starting with process discovery and documentation flow, we continue business process analysis detecting all the bottlenecks and implementing instant changes to create smooth business process flow. Caring about our delivery capabilities, we align your processes with strategic goals in order to boost your company's performance

Consulting on business process improvement
BPM implementation plan


AT NY IT Solutions we thrive for maximum productivity and highest customer satisfaction scores. That is why we don’t just automate your processes, but optimize them end-to-end. Our process efficiency consultunts work to insure your workflow as efficient as possible.

Improve your performance through clear vision of business workflow. We focus on full end-to-end optimization of workflow, instead of individual task. Approach that gives your business an opportunity to have a greater impact on outcomes.


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